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Where do you believe Super Mario will go next?


Super Mario is known for jumping into new worlds during each gaming session. Some of his preferences have been seen to be experienced and enjoyed by many, while others were a disappointment. Nintendo, the company who creates the games and has creative rights over what Mario does in them, has vowed that they will keep sending the plumber on exciting adventures for as long as possible. Where will he go next? We can only hope he doesn't go back to 8-bit land or can we? A part of me would like another 8-bit Mario game with new levels.

Would you play a new super Mario game with a new Super Mario type of character? What kind of abilities would you want to see him do? Maybe a cousin named Super Anthony. 

I would like to see a Mario game that gives the user more freedom to explore different worlds and defeat bosses in different ways they have never seen before. Will Nintendo continue with the first person 3D Mario games, or will they create something completely new? When will the next Mario game be released? Will it involve hover boots, the Koopalings, and Bowser Jr.?. Which is your favorite music track from Super Mario 64? Which is your favorite world in Super Mario 64? Are Yoshi's Island and Baby Peach returning as playable characters with their own unique abilities in future installments? What are your thoughts on Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings? Which is your favorite Mario platformer?

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