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The newest NFT collection from TNL

Sometimes, when you're building a game or an app, you need to come up with something that's very different from anything else out there. For example, if you were creating a game about kittens playing in the backyard, it might be easy to copy someone else's work.

Our NFT Project

But what if there was no other game about cats? What if this is the first one? What do you do then?

This is where non-fungible tokens can come in handy! With NFTs, it doesn't matter how many copies are made because each one will remain unique.

With NFTs, you can create an entire population of digital kittens that are all unique. And if some people choose to buy one for $100 and sell it for $100, that's up to them as individuals. You, as the game developer, will never lose money on their transactions.

Plus, your game is original and innovative; it isn't "just another digital cat" app.

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