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Marvel Studio's Hawkeye x Media Remote Trailer | PS5

 Check out the new Marvel Studio's Hawkeye x Media Remote Trailer | PS5. The PS5 Remote has been around since 2019 when it was released alongside the PS5 console. It functions as a TV controller for your console that allows you to interface with your gaming system without having to have physical access to it or being forced to always have an input device in hand while playing games or watching media.

The remote itself is similar to the design of the DualShock 4 but with a few general tweaks that make it more ergonomic, making long hours of use less taxing on your hands and wrist. It also has a touchpad at the top and two programmable buttons that further enhance the level of control you have over the system.

Here is what you will know if you want a PS5 Remote in your home. To put it simply, this controller-like device has become indispensable for many gamers and media enthusiasts alike.

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