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Morbius New From Marvel

 It's here. It's the Morbius Official Trailer starring Jared Leto! Let us know what you think in the comments below.What have you always wanted to know about Morbius? We've got the answer with this article! Don't know who Morbius is? He's the Living Vampire, the villain in Spider-Man comics, and he's making his big-screen debut in Sony Pictures' Morbius.

Robert Louis Stevenson created the idea of a vampire who isn't killed by sunlight but instead has all the weaknesses of a classic vampire (the insistence on blood for sustenance), with one additional weakness: an aversion to garlic. The quintessential teenage angst story of 'Dracula' was modified by letting Dracula be repelled not by garlic but garlic juice. In this case, Stevenson's story became a blueprint for the character of Morbius.

In the comics, Morbius is Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who has dedicated himself to studying a rare virulent fungus that he hopes will lead to a cure for cancer. The fungus mutates Michael into a huge black body with long sharp teeth and pale green eyes, and he becomes more and more vampiric as time goes on. He's not clever enough to hold on to his own life during transformations so he dies instead.

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