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Streets of Rage 4 - Survival Mode Reveal | PS4

Last month, arcade legend Streets of Rage made a triumphant return after almost 25 years in the form of a remastered version on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.

To celebrate this iconic series’ return to the limelight, we are delighted to share with you the first details for Mr. X Nightmare’s Survival mode; an inventive and immensely replayable new way for players to experience Streets of Rage 4!

Mr. X Nightmare will be playable in SOR 4 from the day the game launches, with a full demo available for download at

Mr. X Nightmare’s mode is a cooperative mode that encourages playing with friends to beat back the forces of evil - with each player having their own unique and individual Mr. X character, special powers and mission objectives to complete together. Players need to work together to complete any given objective, so if you plan on completing any of the missions set out by Mr. X, jump in.

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