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Character Appreciation: Captain America

The Mighty Captain America has been around since 1941, which means he has seen a lot of comic book characters come and go. As well as being the defender of liberty, he is the leader of the Avengers. Cap's heroism and patriotism have also seen him make appearances in television shows for more than eight decades now too! Happy Independence Day

Captain America is known as one of the most patriotic heroes who embodies freedom and justice for all people, righting injustices all over the world. For such a good guy with a pure heart, what could be his dark side? Well...that would be his alter ego when Steve Rogers was exposed to an experimental gas by Dr Henry Gyrich in order to help create American soldiers during World War II.

Now, it's no secret that Steve Rogers had some pretty rough times at the hands of his commanding officer back in the day. He was so disillusioned with Gyrich's war machine, that he would end up running away from it all. However, Steve does manage to find a way to help others during this time of darkness. He even built a personal red and white costume that resembles a United States flag to help him fight for justice alongside Bucky Barnes.

Captain America also has an alter ego called Nomad after he had to change his identity to protect people during World War II. While Bucky became the new Captain America, Steve Rogers would take on the identity of Nomad. There was even a time when Bucky Barnes' mind was replaced with that of his evil sidekick, as Chucky Barnes took on the identity of Captain America while the super soldier's mind was left in a catatonic state. Wow, what a lot to take in!

However, it's not just his heroic side that we love about this historic hero. We also love the costume Steve Rogers wears as Captain America. In fact, we would be happy to never see it change at all!

The costume he wears is a symbol of the United States which is a simple blue and white outfit in which he can easily disguise himself into without the need for a mask. This symbol represents his patriotism and duty to make sure no one is mistreated or oppressed. It's even easy enough for him to slip into his clothes when he needs to change identities as well.

The symbol to Captain America's costume is also a large star on the front of the suit which represents that he is always ready to uphold justice. However, we're also glad to see that he has some stylish accessories too including a utility belt and his signature shield. The shield is one of his most used weapons across time and space as well as being his main defense when protecting others like himself!

Yes, the symbol on the front of Captain America's costume was actually created by a former member of SHIELD named Jim Steranko and would be used across subsequent series by Captain America. Whether it was his original comics, the World War II comics that followed or any of the movies he appeared in, Captain America's costume was known as a symbol of justice which is why we can't get enough of him.

The costume is also easy enough for people to get into and we're sure that all children would want to join their parents when they see this fantastic superhero come out to play! We love seeing him fly around on his golden underpants and of course, we all love seeing his patriotic red and white suit. However, as well as being a great character who set the stage for modern comic book heroes, Captain America has managed to go beyond comic books too.


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