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The Umbrella Academy season 3

 The Umbrella Academy is coming back and it's going to be just as weird and unpredictable as the first two seasons. The trailer for the third season has been released and it looks like there's going to be some amazing moments when these dysfunctional superheroes get into their element.

A quick recap of what happened in season 2: Number Five died, Vanya died (she didn't actually die), Klaus kidnapped Hazel from the coma ward, Ben outed Roxy to her school, Diego used his powers on himself for the first time without any side effects. There is going to be plenty of action in this upcoming season as well.

We will see Five's funeral, Klaus is living a very lonely life in a trailer, Ben and Roxy are going to get closer, and we will see our superheroes get into action. The main focus of this season will be just as shocking as it was in season 2 when Vanya died. This time it's going to be about the birth of the Apocalypse Beast. We don't know what exactly this creature is or how it's going to affect our team but we're sure it's going to be huge and dangerous. I also feel like there is more trouble ahead for Number Five because he did just die. Overall, The Umbrella Academy is going to be just as good as the first two seasons, if not better. It's a strange superhero story with plenty of gothic elements and it's honestly very refreshing to watch.

So will you guys be watching The Umbrella Academy season 3? I know I will be.

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