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The Black Widow. What we know and the movie.

The Black Widow is a fictional character in Marvel comics. She is the protagonist of The Avengers. She was first introduced in "Astonishing Tales #6."
Her powers are her superhuman abilities. She has the ability to adhere to most surfaces including glass and ceilings; hypnotize others; emit blasts of energy from various parts of her body, including her hands and eyes; regenerate cells at an accelerated rate, and both resist and transmit mind control; she has enhanced strength, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance.
She is a master of unarmed combat, martial arts, and weaponry; speaks multiple languages; and is an expert detective.
The Black Widow has had some expensive training in all forms of martial arts, acrobatics, stealth techniques, espionage tactics and weapons skills. She also has extensive espionage training, having been trained by the KGB. Natasha took extensive sniper rifle training before her first mission. She can pilot most vehicles with skill and has worked as a chauffeur on more than one occasion. She has many years of training in various forms of espionage and martial arts, as well as extensive experience shooting various firearms.

She can open a man's neck with a snap of her fingers or break his back with one punch. She has trained extensively in the use of duel-wielding, nunchaku, and staff weapons. Natasha is an expert in unarmed combat and holds black belt status with several different martial arts disciplines. Natasha is proficient at most forms of melee weapons, including knives, chakram and sai. She can shoot guns with deadly accuracy; use her feet to disable opponents' movements; and even handle several types of weapons simultaneously (shooting a machine gun while throwing a knife).When power-dying, she can reactivate and rejuvenate herself at will.

Natasha is also able to withstand pain to a greater degree than normal humans by utilizing the "Enhanced Senses" of her body. She has recently been trained in the use of various types of weaponry, including guns, bombs and knives. Natasha also utilizes the techniques of: acrobatics, stealth tactics (including climbing), parkour and gymnastics.

She is capable of regenerating from almost any wound with her DNA-changing ability (she could heal from a bullet wound that would kill another person). Natasha originally received this ability as a reward for five years of undercover service for the KGB behind enemy lines.

She is immune to most poisons, has low-level resistance to electricity/electromagnetic attack and possesses an accelerated healing factor. She can psionically project her astral form from her body, levitate objects and people, and generate concussive force as well as energy surges that she can direct at a target. Her powers have been augmented by Kree technology (including the Black Widow's Bite) making them more potent in many ways.
Natasha is very nimble and athletic, with cat-like reflexes and reaction time (the ability to dodge bullets). She specializes in martial arts. One of the few superhumans whom Daredevil has admitted he cannot defeat in combat one-on-one.

Natasha Romanova appeared as the Black Widow in "Wolverine: Origins", in which she is portrayed by nude model and professional wrestler Natalya Neidhart. In this story, she is shown as an assassin for the Russian KGB and teams up with Logan to recapture a package he stole from them.

Blackwidow also appears in "" episode "To Steal an Ant-Man" voiced by Jennifer Hale, where she is a member of Crossbones' Masters of Evil. In the show's tie-in comic, she works with her team to steal Pym Particles from S.H.I.E.L.D.


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