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Streets of Rage 4 DLC hunt



Sup y'all! In April the company Dotemu revealed that Streets of Rage 4 would be recieving new DLC called Mr X's Nightmare. There are new weapons, extra game modes, updates for the characters, customizing available, and the most anticipated release of playable characters Estelle Aguire, Max Thunder, and Shiva. Technically, you can already play as the previous versions of Max and Shiva. However the modern sprite versions look so freaking fire! I can't wait to play as Shiva. What is known about the DLC is that in his efforts to help the team better be prepared for what the Syndicate has in store for our heroes is that Dr Zan built a danger room program that was built off of the brain waves of Mr X. I'm pretty sure it's gonna malfucntion and cause other stuff to happen. But For reals yo, I'm here for Shiva!  All that Dotemu said is that we can expect the DLC summer 2021. No actual date has been given and it's driving fans of the popular beat em up, crazy. Y'all still playing? Are you exicted for the DLC content? Who's your favorite character? What other old school beat em up do you want to see go through the SOR4 treatment? Let us know and as always, thanks for stopping by the Nerd's List.

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