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Moon Knight who?

    As a former Marine and CIA agent who left on dishonorable terms, Marc Spector sought out mercenary work. Marc is an Olympian level athlete that has extensive martial arts training. This includes the likes of boxing, ninjitsu, krav maga and various military CQC martial arts. Spector was left for dead after a mission in Egypt went bad and was saved (possibly) by the Egyptian god of the Moon, Konshu.
    I say possibly because Mark Spector also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which could very well mean that he's dealing with the residual symptoms of that. Somehow or another he's a wealthy vigilante who operates across the globe administering his special brand of justice. They type  that would make Batman cringe and the Punisher applaud. I wanted to bring this up because his mental health, along with his powers are affected by phases of the moon. Depending on how full the moon is, Moon Knight strength and senses are amplified. Maybe. I can’t tell you what version of Moon Knight marvel will be bringing to the MCU. His brand of psycho doesn’t break the fourth wall like Deadpool’s does. It can either manifest into some real cool abilities or it could very well be that every ability and power are all in Mark’s head. Manifestations caused by trauma. I didn’t go into his other aliases on purpose as I want you as a reader to pick up some of his comics and decide for yourself.
The Moon Knight Reborn(2000-2012) series is a great take on the character. It also shows his reputation of being a crappy teammate during his brief stint on the Avengers West Coast. I am excited for Poe Damero… I mean Oscar Issac’s approach to such a layered and complex character. I’ve seen his training video for a fight sequence on the show, and I believe the violence is on the level it needs to be. But is this gonna be D.I.D. Moon Knight? Or MCU compatible Moon Knight in his Anti Hero form? What do you think? Do y’all like Isaac in the role of titular character? Let us know and as always, thanks for stopping by the Nerd’s List.

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