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Loki Spoiler and Phase 4 speculation


So Loki premiered and once again, Marvel/Disney aka “old reliable” has knocked it out the park. Loki is fire and the premise in my opinion, has sowed the seeds for the larger conflicts that will dominate the MCU’s phase 4. Before I continue, as always SPOILER ALERT YALL! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED LOKI ON DISNEY PLUS!

Sup gang! After a mental health hiatus I am back. Y’all KNOW I had to come give my two cents on the god of mischief and his misadventures. Also, Owen Wilson is back on TV! Feels like it’s been forever! Thought he was trapped in a purgatory of college humor movies and Ben Stiller rom coms. Welcome to the MCU Lightning McQueen!

    So Loki opens up with a tear jerker glimpse at the events of endgame when he stole back the tesseract from the weird exchange between 2023 Tony and 2012 Tony. Nice homage to RDJ. Gonna miss you Tony!

    Loki is picked up/ arrested by the Time Variance Authority or the TVA. The TVA is like the CIA of all timelines in the universe. The patrol unit that captured Loki are called Minute Men. Because time puns. Dads across the multiverse are smiling at these puns. Anyway, these three wisemen type dudes who look related to Kang the Conqueror had to stop the dimensions in the multiverse from going to war with each other. The universes were battling for supreamcy to be the dominant timeline. Variants are what cause branches in the shared timeline that create alternate realities. In an effort to stop the wars emerging in the multiverse, the wisemen dudes created the TVA to regulate the flow of time into one continuous flow. Should enough variants occur in the timeline, another multiversal war will occur.

   The God of Mischief is then taken to the TVA (Time CIA)  headquarters/city/pocket dimension that exists outside of time. After almost getting sentenced to reset(death), Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) saves Loki and starts giving him therapy by showing him scenes of his past. Asking Loki if he likes hurting people. Loki is resistant and tries to escape the TVA, it is here we learn how insignificant the infinity stones are in this timeless domain. Magic doesn’t work outside of time. The stones are just paperweights. Try as he might, Loki could not do a damn thing with the tesseract.


Full stop. Nat and Gamora died all so the stones they gave their lives for can end up in a dude’s trinket drawer at his job. That moment stung a bit. But I also recognize that this is Feige and them saying “You thought we showed you power?  You have no idea what power is!!!”
It’s my guess here, but we are slowly but surely heading to a 2030s secret war event. The next big endgame level event in the MCU. I believe it also might span into Sony’s “spiderverse”. Everything Mobius told Loki about increasing number of variants and events that threaten the multiverse is telling me that everything that Endgame established is going to get amplified and expanded on in each show and movie. Marvel will be building up this complicated conflict, all the while introducing mutants into the MCU. We heard confirmation of two mutants entering the MCU soon. In Black Widow, nerd friend and actor David Harbor who is playing the “Red Guardian” has revealed Ursa Major a Russian with the power to change into a bear will be the first official Mutant introduced in the MCU. It was also revealed that Namor will be in Wakanda Forever. He will be played by actor Tenoch Huerta. Pretty sure they’re gonna use the Eternals movie to introduce the “X-Gene” to explain how mutants have always existed in the MCU.

    So to recap: Right now we have a black Captain America in Sam Wilson, an mentally drained Scarlet Witch, an exposed Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, and a multiverse traveling Loki setting up the secret wars. I believe the Secret Wars event will be the MCU's Infinity Crisis. Meaning the universe will be restarted at the end. Just a hunch. But with the death of Boseman, and the aquisition of the X-Men and Fantastic 4, it would seem like Marvel now has the time to create an universe that goes even further to resemble the current comic continuity. Or at least, create another universe where it does. Before that happens, we’ll see the introduction of mutants thanks to Black Widow and the good old folks of Wakanda. The MCU is only gonna get deeper y’all and I’m more than hyped. Am I tripping? Are my theories off? I’m only speculating off of what I know of Marvel and what other nerd’s have discussed. We want to know what crazy theories you guys have about the MCU? Let us know and as always, thanks for stopping by the Nerd’s List.

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