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Loki is coming tomorrow

The Marvel show Loki is coming and we are exited. It is an interesting character. Loki is a Norse God of mischief and trickery. He has been wreaking havoc in the Marvel universe since forever. Let's get into what makes Loki cool and worth watching.


Loki is not your regular Marvel superhero or villain. He's more complicated than that, with plenty of interesting things going on under the surface because he's not as straight-forward as other characters like Iron Man or Captain America are who just have to wear masks to be heroes or villains (and are made out to be good guys by default). The show which premieres June 9th , doesn't take place in battle situations, but at home with Loki and his brother Thor, so you can get a better sense of what makes him tick.

Loki is a troubled character and he's not all black and white. He's not just up to being evil all the time; he is conflicted between good and bad, between wanting to be something better than just a trickster, while also desperately hating the person he has become because of circumstances outside his control. In the Disney Plus show the villain Loki will resume his role as the god of mischief. 

Disney+ show by Marvel

Why you should watch Loki:

1. He's got a GREAT back story and it will be explored - Loki is not just an evil villain. He has his good moments and he is not just a bad guy who can't get a break, which is what we have seen in the past. He's got a deep complex back story with many layers of conflicted emotions that are being revealed throughout. It's interesting to see all the different sides of him and how he is trying to cope with it all as well as fight against it. In the Disney+ show his back story will be explored in great detail.

2. Loki is just as misunderstood as any other Disney villain - Like I mentioned, Loki is a misunderstood character and a troubled individual who doesn't want to be evil and spends most of his time trying to avoid all the bad things that come with being one of Odin's sons. He's done some bad stuff, but he has a good heart and wants out of his life. He's got so much going on that it's hard for him at times and he makes bad choices sometimes, but you're rooting for him because you know where he is coming from, like when he wants to be accepted by Thor or find approval from Odin.

3. Loki is just as great at compelling evil as the guy who played him - Alan Napier is a wonderful actor and he brings a lot to this character. He's got that 'whoa' quality to his voice and he makes Loki come across as compelling and complicated, which is what you want from an evil character.

4. Overall, the Marvel universe is great - The whole Marvel world of characters, stories, villains and how they are all connected together in some way or another are just so cool because there is always something new happening in it (although sometimes it can get kind of confusing). And Loki is a part of it, so you're going to be watching this show with at least one other Marvel fans like me because we're all crazy about the Avengers and Captain America. And Loki plays an important part in their lives as well.

The Disney+ show premieres June 9th and it has 13 episodes. It's a Marvel show, but no man is a hero alone (this is definitely for the kids).

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