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Ghost of Ikishima?

Rumor mill is a runnin y'all and it seems them mad geniuses over at sucker punch are setting up to honor their name sake. They're supposedly sucker punching us with a new single player expansion to Ghosts of Tsushima called Ghosts of Ikishima to be released some time this year. It's too soon to tell, but the likelihood of it being cross gen is still high so folks still playing on PS4 are in luck. The details around the expansion are scarce due to it still being in early development. What is known is that this expansion is single player only. It's currently unknown if the expansion will have an effect on the multiplayer but if I was a betting man, I'd wager the multiplayer will see some elements from the expansion just cause. I am wondering if they are taking a page from Spider-Man: Miles Morales and giving us a different protagonist or do we get to jump back into the ninja socks of Jin Sakai. Wouldn't be a big leap to assume other islands surrounding Japan's mainland have suffered from Mongol attacks. There might even be Mongol soldiers from Khotun Khan's regiment fleeing to these islands, trying to escape the wrath of the Ghost. What do you guys think? Are you excited? Are you still playing the multiplayer expansion? I know I am. Let us know what you think in the comments and as always, thank you for stopping by the Nerd's List.  

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