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Final Fantasy VII Remake the update.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII is coming to the PS5 and the trailer has been released. It will be a direct replica of the original graphics, but with updated graphics for 2019. The game is set in 2020. The characters will have full voice acting and their personalities are unchanged. We are also expecting new characters like Yuffie who was not in FF7 previously.

 The trailer is only a teaser trailer and gives little to no new information. We can see the characters that we know and love. We love the remake that came out last year and are excited to the ps5 version. We have to wait until 2021 or 2022 until we get the remake, but now we know that we are getting a remake and it will be worth the wait. Final fantasy 7 remake is coming to the ps5 and it will be better with full voice acting and better graphics for 2019.

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