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Where are we with “My Hero Academia”?

 If you’ve seen the latest season of My Hero Academia, then you know that it ended on a cliffhanger. Way back in season 2, Heroes Deku and All Might are in the middle of saving people from a villain who is taking away their quirks. The last season left us wondering, what will become of the hero’s now that the villains seem to be getting stronger? With the start of season 5 our questions are getting answered. The world of My Hero Academia is a bit like our world in that the most powerful type of hero is called a “mystical hero.” Even though they have special abilities, all mystical heroes are required to attend University for their training. This school is called UA. There are two different kinds of mystical heroes: Pro Heroes and Regular Heroes. Pro Heroes can work together with their teammates to turn someone’s quirk into an “ultimate” one. Regular Heroes cannot work with anyone else besides their regular partners as they train to master their quirks.


In episode 2 we got a glimpse into where the powers started and how many people had the powers before Deku. We also found out he is using not even 20% of the power. If you’ve watched the anime you know how powerful he is so the sky is the limit for his development. In this episode we got to meet some of the “heroes” in Endeavor’s family and we are starting to see how his family was neglected in the past.

We even have a new character in this show, Ritsu. He is Deku’s best friend from the US and he has a quirk called cat. In this anime he can communicate with animals in a way that no one else can. This comes in handy when Deku needs to learn more about his new classmates.

This anime is great because we get a visual of what it’s like to be a teenager who has super powers and how hard it is to control them. The art style is unique as well, which makes watching it even better. Since it won an award for animation and art I would say they are doing something right.

The pro heroes is Endeavor, who has a fire quirk and his daughter has an ice quirk seem to have some understanding and want to reconnect their family. Endeavor’s daughter trained since she was a kid to be able to surpass her father just like half hot half cold.

My Hero Academia by Studio Bones is an anime series about an ordinary boy named Izuku Midoriya who lives in a world of superpowered beings (or “quirks”). Quirks are abilities connected to one's genetic makeup. They are rarely hereditary, and manifest at birth. The series follows Midoriya's journey to become the greatest hero and prove himself to the world. The anime is based off of a popular manga of the same name by Kōhei Horikoshi. Both have been very successful in Japan and are making their way to Western audiences in 2019.

The first season of My Hero Academia was very well received in Japan. It was ranked #8 on Anime News Network's list of the Top 20 Anime for Winter 2016, #4 on IGN's list of Top 10 New Anime for 2016, and #5 on io9's list of 15 Must-see New Anime Series from Fall 2015.

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