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What can we expect from GTA 6

 It's been a while since GTA 5 was released but we're already anticipating the upcoming GTA 6. Here is a brief overview of what to expect from the game.

-Characters: Rich as always, with varied appearances and new skills like cooking, driving, exploiting people's weaknesses, etc.

-Gameplay: A lot more action oriented with heavy gunfights and more melee combat than ever before. Also expect more options for stealth missions and stealth kills! (And finally you can find cars at any time. Awesome and helpful for those who love the action packed missions)

-Persistency: Your "character" is now a part of the fictional universe of GTA, so when you die you'll respawn in your house or at a random location in GTA 5. When you're bored of playing as Franklin, Trevor or Michael, there's always Lester to play with!

-Realism: To keep it realistic, there will be a REALISTIC map showing what each city area looks like. So if you've played GTA before, you will be able to recognize the city whenever it appears in cutscenes.

-Cities: A much bigger map than ever before with three cities. They are all huge and pretty much equal in size. Each city has it's own police dept., fire dept., hospital and government area. There is a lot of back and forth travelling between the three cities so to get from one area to another you'll have to use different modes of transport like car, boat, air or bus.

-New Online Mode: GTA 6 will have an online mode that lets you do what your friend does in single player mode with YOU being the selected character (because everyone has their own taste on characters!). You'll be able to play and create your own GTA missions/puzzles and share it with your friends!

-New Vehicles: This time around you'll be able to ride a lot more vehicles. There are golf carts that will help you get around the map quicker, helicopters, boats and planes. You can even ride horses in the countryside (to keep it realistic of course).

-New Weapon: There will be a new weapon as well. And it can kill a lot of enemies in one shot! (They said they would never add this weapon but I'm sure they added it just for me :3 )

-New Police dept. Vehicles: To keep it realistic, there will be a NEW police car that looks like a regular car, but is really an armored vehicle! And there are new police bikes.

-New Airports: to keep it realistic there will be new airports you can fly from.

-More Stories: To give you more stories to play through, the game will have MORE cutscenes!

-More Clothing Choices: Each character has different clothing choices now so you can customize how they look.

-A lot MORE cars and weapons in this game. The cars are more than I've ever seen in a video game and there's multiple weapons types.

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