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Watch Dogs: Legion Update


I know I'm late to the party but I finally got an outlet to talk about news and updates and I'm going to do so. I plan to get you all as much information as possible. A new update, Watch Dogs: Legion, has just been released for the game. This major story expansion brings in a worldwide conflict and all-time low in society. With new features like check ups on various gangs and an increased multiplayer experience, there is no telling what sort of mayhem you're about to get yourself into.

Ubisoft release the newest and biggest update for Watch Dogs Legion yet. The company has been updating the game ever since it released to bring in new content and balance weapons by removing overpowered guns, altering the difficulty of certain activities, and bringing back old items. Watch Dogs: Legion updates have been released before this one, but there is something special about this update that makes it stand out from all the others. Along with character customization we have received new missions, characters and tech. Ubisoft have been updating and adding new content for Watch Dogs: Legion since it was released. The latest update has added new missions, costumes, vehicles and DLC - but what's really interesting is how the update is supposed to tie into the overall story line of the game.

Watch Dogs: Legion as a core is a story-driven expansion which follows players around post-Brexit London. The city is in shambles with various gangs fighting each other for control over the city. The main player takes on the role of a resistance leader named Brandeis who tries to take down oppressive government officials and put an end to them trying to control society with an overwhelming amount of surveillance.

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