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Sonic Movie 2 and Knuckles' Surprising Role

 I can't speak for everyone but I enjoyed the first sonic the hedgehog movie and I was really excited by the end credit scene. This film is a direct sequel to where the first one ended. Sonic has to save Princess Elise before Dr. Eggman can and now Eggman has all of earth's animals in his bad guys.

Sonic and Tails have to work together with their tails tightly clenched up so that they can get past all the animals, but Sonic himself gets captured by the laser-enchanted moles. It's up for Tails then what he does for himself and for everybody else in order to save everything because Sonic's power is needed to conquer all of earth.

It's been a week since we found out Dr roobotnik and Knuckles will team up against Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick. Tails as seen in the end credit scene of Sonic movie 2, but I can't stop thinking about it. The fan theories for Sonic movie 2 point out different scenes that may have come to pass. One of the theories is about Sonic's friends, namely Tails, and how they will be going with Sonic in the next movie which is now confirmed.

There is also a popular theory that states who Dr Robotnik was before he turned into the antagonist we know him to be now. And it seems like Knuckles might have been his partner at one point in time before turning against him and becoming allies with Sonic. 

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