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So I’m a spider, so what?


So I'm a Spider, So What? is a Japanese three-episode original video animation (OVA) written and directed by Masaru Kanai. It was released in 2006 and is a collection of three short episodes telling the story of a girl who was reincarnated as an arachnid, and her struggle for survival. The focus is on an unusual group of yōkai who are dissatisfied with their boring, repetitive lives.

The OVA is based on the light novel series So I'm a Spider, So What?, which is written by Okina Baba and illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. A manga was also published in 2010. The manga differs from the anime's storytelling in that it has more focus on Minase's struggle to fit in with her new family and social relationships, including some aspects not covered in the anime like her relationship with Inaba and Katsudon.

The first episode begins with Renge Ōgi playing jump-rope by the playground as her classmates walk to school. One of them greets her, but she dismisses him and continues playing. Suddenly a big white spider comes out from under the ground and approaches her from behind; she jumps away in fear when it suddenly transforms into Rinne Tatsumiya, who tells her that he has come to be friends with his classmate but there are no other students at the school.

The teacher, Mitsuoka, tells Tatsumiya that he can only hang around with kids his age, but he says that as long as they don't call him a weirdo he won't mind. After class Rinne heads for the Student Council Room to make a club for everyone. While in there Tatsumiya sees the girls playing spin-the-bottle and comments that they look like salesgirls at Ota Ward's Pachinko parlour.

Everyday the yōkai are bored with their lives. However, an idea from Minase, a girl reincarnated as a spider, helps them escape from their boredom and become more involved in society.

The second episode begins with a young girl lying on the ground in pain, and she is moaning as if she is dying. Suddenly she wakes up, it's all in her imagination and it was just a nightmare. The girl goes to school and is talking with Tatsumiya when they suddenly hear a voice that can only be heard by them. They see an amazing looking spider from above the roof of their classroom, much larger than Tatsumiya.

The two friends go to visit this creature who introduces herself as Renge Ōgi who is reincarnated into a spider from Tokyo with magical powers like telepathy. She tells them that she has the ability to read other people's minds but doesn't want people to know

The third episode begins with Minase and Katsudon, her large tarantula friend, trying to understand the meaning of joy. They conclude that joy is not just something you feel but also something you eat.

Minase gets an idea for a school project from watching everyone work during lunchtime: she'll interview different bugs in order to find out how they feel about being seen as just insects like cockroaches and ants. She tries to find a cricket first, but has no luck; she asks one of her classmates where he is and he replies that they're only found at night.

Minase comes across Katsudon who tells Minase that crickets never sing during the day because it's too hot then

At first, I'm thinking that the protagonist is Renge Ōgi because she has powers of telepathy, which is a major power. However, I do not think it's her because in episode two they start to talk about how she was reincarnated as an arachnid and had magical powers. Later in episode three they mention that Renge Ōgi never speaks during the day and also never sings. Katsudon as well talks about how crickets don't sing at night because it's too hot for them to sing so when Minase comes across Katsudon he thinks he could be the protagonist since he could be talking about himself.

Natsume (Natsume Takashi) - a ten-year-old human boy, the father of Yū and Yū no longer has an angel. He's been living alone for a while, and the lack of family life has really gotten to him. Because he's had nothing to do other than read, he finds books with interesting creatures in them, which in turn cause him to think about monsters that exist outside his life experiences. He doesn't believe that there is anything truly scary or dangerous out there, but the creatures he reads about do seem too good at acting like real creatures for him.

Yū (Yū Takahiro) - a twelve-year-old human boy who lives in Vermont with his father Natsume .

I feel like I'm going to converse with the protagonist because of the dialogue in the anime. I think that this is because Natsume believes it's just an imaginary demon, only there is a demonic presence within him.

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