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Neo: The World Ends With You


I don’t know how many of our followers played the original “The World Ends With You” but this July we finally get the sequel and many members here at “The Nerd’s List could not be more excited. Not like the original game, this sequel will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Microsoft Scarlett  and will feature a new story, new characters, and more.

So join in on our excitement for “NEO: The World Ends With You” by watching the full opening movie as well as a stylish introduction to Shibuya’s Underground and the band of misfits who you will help battle for survival. Will Rindo and the Wicked Twisters be able to band together and topple other teams or will they face erasure?
Shibuya is a crowded, overpopulated city in Japan that continues to maintain its cool. It’s the kind of place where anything can happen and do-gooders like Neku, Shiki, and Joshua are always on the lookout for new missions and opportunities to help keep things interesting.

The World Ends with You tells a different kind of story about the danger lurking behind seemingly ordinary people in this day-to-day hustle.

Something’s not quite right as Neku navigates through Shibuya as usual by riding his skateboard and carrying around his Poppin' Fresh cell phone like every other teenager. That is until he picks up an ad for Reapers Inc., which offers him the chance to get rid of his reaper-ism and become a real person once again.

Only after accepting Reapers Inc.’s offer does Neku realize that other people are also being chosen to join Reapers Inc. and the rest of the game is about how they learn to coexist together as a team as you go through a series of puzzles, battles, and encounters along your way to becoming human again.
The World Ends With You explores what it really means to be human in an engaging storytelling adventure unlike anything we have seen before in gaming.

In the sequel, the plot of NEO is largely new and centers on a protagonist named Shiki who, like in TWEWY, has been classified as a Reapers’ Agent. It will also feature multiple potential endings with the fate of the world at stake. This sequel will take place in Paris instead of Tokyo and will also feature more RPG elements and ten playable characters, including Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY. The original game had a great story and gameplay that we can’t wait to experience again with new characters. If you haven’t played the original, there’s still time to do so! It is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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