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Love Death Robots 2 is set to be released on Netflix in May. We have an official trailer to tease the upcoming second volume of the critically acclaimed animated series. The first volume was nominated for a Primetime Emmy last year, coming out on top as Best Animated Series (Short Form).

The anthology will feature 8 episodes and centers around different themes of love and death. There will be a couple of completely different plots.

“There’s a lot of stories, there’s not just one main story,” series creator Jason Hall says in the trailer. “There are different characters, there are multiple love stories and there is death. That’s what we do. It is the anthology format that allows us to tell multiple tales of love and death and robots. We want to do something pretty out-of-the-box with this thing, so hopefully you make it to the end of the trailer and appreciate that we can keep doing this after you watch this show all year long.

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