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Lost Light A New Mobile Experience

 Lost Light is an upcoming survival shooter mobile game where players must face-off against various enemies in an epic story of survival. 

In this trailer, we explore some of the armor and weapons that will be available in the game, as well as take a look at both the Temple and Core levels.

Watch with Lostlight tomorrow for more info on weapons and level exploration! Also go to the official website for more information.

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Explore the Story of Lost Light

Lost Light is a mobile game that explores how we find hope.

Arm yourself with your abilities and weapons as you explore the Temple and Core levels.

Shop for new upgrades and equipment in the shop.

Experience classic shooter gameplay on your mobile devices!

Story: Travel to a faraway planet on a rescue mission. On this planet, there are two classes of people – one who live in peace, and another who live in war with each other.

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