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Joker #3

 The Joker is a fictional supervillain created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He made his debut in 1940's Batman #1. The character was originally conceived as a prankster before evolving into the murderous psychopath he is now known for.

The Joker has developed throughout the years in many different ways. In 1940, he was just a plain criminal that dressed up like a joker and pulled tricks on its victims, such as distracting Batman and stealing his utility belt while fighting him or sending out fake Bat-Signals to lure Commissioner Gordon away from home so that his house could be robbed easily. His later developments include creating cat-related gadgets to hurt Batman (such as giant cat claws attached to purple gloves), using simple, cheap equipment and trickery to carry out his crimes (i.e. using turning playing cards into deadly stiletto-like sharp cards) and becoming more erratic and psychotic in the comics, with less emphasis on his goofy appearance.

The Joker has made countless enemies over the years, but some of his most notorious ones include Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City Police Department Chief O'Hara and The Batman Family. He is also responsible for the creation of several supervillains such as Clayface and The Ventriloquist. In the future he will be responsible for creating Batgirl II after he surgically removes Barbara Gordon's face from her head while she is sleeping at home in her bed.

The plot of The Joker #3 starts off with Batman in bed trying to sleep. He goes through the process of taking his medication and trying to get some sleep but he just can't stop thinking about The Joker. He has been thinking about him ever since they first met at the amusement park when they were kids. Then he thinks about how they got back together again after so many years when Batman had originally thought that The Joker had died in Arkham Asylum's fire. He continues this thought until he finally falls asleep.

Present Day: Batman is still awake in his bed even though it's already morning. The Joker has planned a very unusual prank for that day involving several people who he has had a feud with for years. He decides to go out of his way to get up extremely early by going to the Gotham City Police Department and asking Chief O'Hara if he can make an important call. She agrees and tells him that she'll be right there. She's surprised when she sees him wearing purple gloves with sharp fangs dripping blood and sporting red make up on his face as well as the joker smile and hat on top of that.

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