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E3 2021

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is a video gaming industry trade show held annually in June. The first Electronic Entertainment Expo was held to promote the adoption of CD-ROMs and ended with the unimpressive press release "CD-ROM will rock your world." It was not until 1995 that the event became popular as Sony was willing to dedicate an entire week of its annual PlayStation Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to showcase then-new innovation in entertainment technology. For those that usually go to E3 will experience A different look to E3 seeing as to the conference becoming a fully online experience. "E3 Live" will be live streamed on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch. The event itself will still take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but with more of an online presence this time around.

When the Electronic Entertainment Expo was first introduced, it was meant for PC games. It was not until Nintendo agreed to showcase its upcoming game console (the Nintendo Entertainment System) that the show became popular with gamers. This new version of E3 will be a mix between the two; PC games and console games. We know a variety of companies will showing up for the conference including Microsoft, Nintendo and other console companies but still no word from Sony.

Within the industry there have been many names/creatures associated with E3 such as Larry Hryb (aka "Major Nelson") who is the current director of programming for the Xbox Live Indie Games program on Xbox 360. Hryb will be representing Microsoft at the event. After arriving to Sony at E3 2014, Shawn Layden is now the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA). This year we are anticipating games from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo that will be announced at the conference. Though we know some of the games that will be featured, there are a few rumors floating around regarding games that may or may not even be announcements. One of the biggest rumors is a new Ace Combat game for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft: Since E3 2016 when it was revealed that Microsoft would no longer host its own press conferences for games in favor of Xbox-focused streams, many were shocked and disappointed with Microsoft's decision. 

E3 2021 will begin on Saturday, June 12 and ends on Tuesday, June 15. We will update the full schedule when we get access to it

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