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Century:Age of Ashes

 Have you ever wanted to play a competitive game where you rode on a dragon with a team too out play your opponent? I'm sure a few of you will say yes. There are many games like this but one has the best balancing system and objectives.

Century:Age of Ashes is a team-based competitive shooter with dragons in it. You can choose what kind of dragon you want to play as. There are four classes: Phantom, Windguard, Fireborn, and Feralheart which all have their own strengths. For example, the Fireborn is a class that does high damage at close range while the Feralheart has larger amounts of health and does low damage at close range.

This game also has different maps where you can fight your opponents like Pale Coast (which is an open map), Rift Canyon (a canyon map), or Crimson Isle (an island). Throughout the game, you can collect resources like fossils or stones to upgrade your dragon to level two and then five. There are also many new dragon classes that you can unlock later.

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