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RIP Earl DMX Simmons

    Hey y'all. Hope y'all are doin alright in these troubled times. I wanted to take this time as a writer who has been influenced by DMX for years, to pay my respects for all of the inspiration he was respinsible for. X was an actor, a motivational speaker, a poet, and one of the best rappers to ever bless a microphone. For a lot of us, DMX represented that first album that your parents didn't want you to hear cause of the content and you proceeded to listen anyway. And just like that, he became therapy for a lot of kids without proper outlets to vent the frustrations of life. As great as X's music was, it always sucked to see him struggle with the disease of addiction. Fingers are pointed too casually in hindsight and I don't condone that. The legacy of X is one that should not, should not, should not, be marred by his struggles. Rather they should amplify all of us to make sure we lose nobody else the way we lost X. If you feel like he was drug addict who doesn't deserve any empathy, keep that to yourself and allow the folks who are upset space to grieve. All of us here at the Nerd's List will miss the legendary DMX. What was your favorite DMX song? Your favorite DMX album? Your favorite DMX movie? Let us know below and as always, Thanks for stopping by the Nerd's List.

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