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Black Widow July Release: Feige folds and MCU shuffles


It seems Kevin Feige, Marvel films creative director, is finally ready to follow the HBOMax plan and release Black Widow in theaters and simultaneously on Disney+. Feige held out for a while, and why not? Theaters are where companies like Disney and Warner make their most bank. For him to finally come around to the HBOMax plan means that he’s finally willing to accept the impact that the pandemic has had on movie going. Especially afterthe heavy criticism Mulan got upon release. Black Widow is now debuting July 9th, 2021. Shang Chi, Originally scheduled for that release date, was pushed to September 3rd, 2021. Hopefully, we will start seeing more regular marvel movie releases under this format. Are you excited to see Black Widow? What about Shang Chi? The Eternals? How are you feeling about the shows? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thanks for stopping by the Nerd’s List.

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