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Which game should I end next? MrMistahKing712

Yo! In this playlist here, I have 7 Metroidvainias that I currently own. I want to play through one of them for y'all! Which one should I play? Help me decide. 
Axiom Verge by Thomas Happ Games LLC. This game is the most like Metroid on this list. You take the role of a scientist named Trace who awakens on an alien world where he comes into contact with a mysterious weapon called the "Axiom Disruptor".

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night was created by Koji Igarashi and 505 Games. Koji Igarashi was the man behind Konami's Casltevania Synphony of the Night which is the grandaddy vania that puts the vania in Metroidvania. When he left Konami, fans cheered him on to make another metroidvania title. After getting crowdfunding together he made this game. It screams SOTN in all the right ways and I enjoyed the heck outta of it when it finally dropped. Iragashi is a bad MF.

Cyber Shadow made by Yacht Club games, the mad men behind the Shovel Knight series. This amazing retro 8-bit metroidvania is a challenging and rewarding homage to games like Ninja Gaiden and if I'm being honest, a little like early Megaman X series. 

Death's Gambit developed by White Rabbit Studios and published by Adult Swim Games was released in 2018 on PS4. In the game you take the roll of Sorun Galbraith. A warrior who wwas revived by death and wants nothing more than to return his mother to life. A visual feast with stunning pixel art graphics are what keep enthralled in the game. It's like Salt and Sanctuary but a little more inviting.

Hollow Knight developed and published by Team Cherry, was dope all round. At times however, it became too cyprtic as I find it easy to get lost and not know where to go next. Still it has much in common with it's inspiration, Symphony of the Night, drawing attention with it's gothic, surreal, yet cute sceneries and characters. The world of Hollow Knight is like a Tim Burton style hand drawn cartoon.


Indivisible is a hand drrawn metroidvania action RPG. It was created by Lab Zero games and debuted in October of 2019. The game's praise comes from it's beautiful presentation and it's south eastern Asian mythological inluences. Indivisble has you assume the role of protagonist Anja who has a peculiar power of trapping her friends and people she meets in the spirit realm of her brain? I'm still figuring it out. Players trek through different zones and unlock abilities to have them back track and find hidden treasures and story threads. What makes this game so unique is the fighting is a turn based system reminicient of role playing games like Xenogears and Valkyrie Profile. Up to 4 allies stored in your brains join Anja and each have different techniques and abilities to aid in battle. Lab Zero Games are the wonderful folks who brought us the Skull Girls series. If you want me to play through this, let me know.

Salt and Sanctuary is the metroidvania for masochists and sadists. Created by James Silva and Ska Studios, Salt and Sanctuary features handrawn visuals that err on the side of the macabre. Dark and dreary with a soulsbourne like apporach to the combat, Salt and Sanctuary's catch is tht in order for you to see it's incredible yet forboding world is for the player to get good and master the mechanics of the game. Should I punish myself? Let me know y'all.

Last but definatley not least is the goat game the Messenger. I say goat because out of all these games I'm mentioning, I feel as though the Messenger is the most unique and goatlike. The Messenger was developed by Sabotge studios and is by itself with how the game spins the retro concept on it's ear. You start the game in 8 bit. You're a ninja, in a ninja village, and you're doing ninja stuff like developing your double jump technique. Your bumpin your head along to the groovy chip tunes and then roughly when you're 20-25 percent into the game, they boost the visuals to 16 bits. Platforming progress becomes intertwined with swtiching perspectives between 8 bits and 16 bits. If I don't end this game for y'all, I at least implore you to try this game for yourselves. It's an amazing little gem and like 20-25 hours worth of gameplay.
Y'all see I love these games. I wanna know what you think. Lemme know in the comments and as always, Thanks for stopping by the Nerd's List. 

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