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Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date and new gameplay revealed


The Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode's release date is officially set for March 9. While this has been a delay from the original multiplayer date, we now know when it will be here and what we are getting. Not only do we have a date but Ubisoft is giving the players an early preview of how it will all operate. 

It is easy to think Watch Dogs: Legion will be a GTA online knockoff, (A l London Edition) But We can assure you it will be different. The Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayere will be a free update next month. Though it will be in the same universe it will be a stand alone addition. What does that mean? Though you will be playing with friends, you will need to collect a completely different team than the team you collecte in single player. Not only will you get to build a new team but the addition will function as a new experience all its own.

You will start off in a new versioon of London with your first job being the same as single player, to build a new DedSec Cell. The difference with the recruitment missions is there aren't any. You will use "Influence Points" to recruit civilians on the spot. You will also need to use these points to upgrade gadgets, hacks and weapons so try not to go recruitment crazy. Recruit poitns aren't hard to come by. You will earn recruitment points coompleting activities around the map or by completing the daily/weekly challenges. With the edition of online coop, there will be a 10 person Spiderbot fight which feels more like a  side activity than story thrilling. 

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