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The Expanse! The best Show Your Not watching!

 The Expanse! The best Show Your Not watching!

When you think of sci-fi shows Star Wars and Star Trek tend to be the cream of the crop. Many shows attempt to entertain us with the space travel, alien species, warp speed and hyper drives. He shows are usually based in semi realism with theories as to how the future of man will evolve. A lot of sci-fi shows have big dreams but our lack-luster dust when attempting execution. I think in this is where The Expanse shines. When you initially start watching it’s very confusing as to which Ruling powers are who. Also when they introduce new characters, you are so confused that you start to feel overwhelmed. No fear! If you have patience, within the first few episodes the plot begins to unravel and information Nuggets are given each episode to keep you engaged. The shows introduces new concepts and wraps up old ones at an incredible pace. There is so much character development in this show for characters who may not be around a few scenes later is done really well. They make you see the fears and aspirations of anyone who shows face on the screen. You may start off hating someone and in a few episodes, find yourself rooting for the same character to do well. From the Slimy politicians to common poor characters you feel for everyone. This is not a show that picks sides. Each side has a reason to be right, and in this we see how many real life tensions can be so difficult to navigate. The stakes and tension are usually very high. When characters survive an impossible situation you never in your head say this is ridiculous or impossible. The battle scenes are very realistic as you think they should be. Enemies are not overpowered to the point you wonder how are we even at this point. You get realistic threads with realistic outcomes. If choices are made that endanger someone’s life, someone may die or be severely injured. They may also make it out unscratched. Thats the beauty of this show. You never know what is coming around the corner. In this day and age of over critical reviews and not taking films and shows as mediums of art we start to miss out on the simplicity of just enjoying a show. 

The Expanse shines as one of the best sci-if shows out right now. And we look forward to more work from the creative team. And look to finish watching what looks like the upcoming series ending soon.

As always comment down below of you have thoughts on the expanse. Is it a good show? Are we right in our assessments?

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  1. Great read. This article is a good introduction to those looking for something to scratch their sci-fi itch. Character development is bar none and the world building holds its own with the best of them. I have only seen the first two seasons so far and am looking forward to catching up. Great article.