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Mortal Kombat 2021 trailer reaction

Today Thursday Feb. 19th,  We now have the long awaited trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. The trailer dropped earlier this afternoon and this was indeed truly worth the wait.... This trailer has me extremely excited. Now along with all the fans of the franchise we can finally exhale together and say this franchise is in good hands. 

Yes the movie hasn't been released yet but again this trailer gave me the very positive vibes and there seems to be alot of positive feedback from the viewers who watched and reacted to this trailer. Every thing you'd want from a MK movie was presented in all its glory. They have a story, they have good action and set pieces, they have your favorite characters and of course they have fatalities. This was what everyone has been asking for since the original film back in 1995 and now we finally have it.

Talk about a dream come true, what more could a fan of the franchise ask for? So in the beginning of the trailer we have a quick narration by Sonya ( Jessica McNamee ) talking to a new character to the franchise named Cole Young  ( Lewis Tan ) and she's describing how Jax ( Mechad Brooks ) was tracking down the deadly cryo-mancer known as Sub-zero ( Joe Taslim ) when a brutal encounter left Jax armless. We then fast forward to the ancient times and we see Scorpion ( Hiroyuki Sanada ) and his clan being attacked, Scorpio fights back with his kunai and kills off some of Sub-zero's henchmen. We see clips of the shaolin monks Liu Kang ( Ludi Lin ) and Kung Lao ( Max Huang ) fighting together with very impressive fire effects from Liu Kang. Back to some more clips of Scorpion and Sub-zero fighting inside of a warehouse which is completely frozen over. The ice effects and the costumes are very impressive I have to say. There's a very cool shot of Sub-zero freezing Scorpions blood and using it as a weapon all in slow motion and it just gives me goosebumps thinking about how many more cool ideas they have this fight scenes. Unfortunately I guess we will have to wait a little but longer to find out. But I'd say if you haven't had the chance or the pleasure to watch this trailer then go check this out NOW!!! 

Mr. Battle

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