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Hollow Knight playthrough with MrMistahKing712


        Hey y’all, thanks so much for voting in the facebook, twitter and Instagram polls. I appreciate it. Special shout out to the facebook group “Metroidvania” for their input as well. I appreciate that group for how they embrace content creators. I put up a poll to see what metroidvania games that I own that people would want to see me play. This came about while I streamed my playthrough of the grandaddy metroidvania game, Castelvania: Symphony of the Night.  

I put up 8 games; Axiom Verge, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Cyber Shadow, Death’s Gambit, Hollow Knight, Indivisible, Salt and Sanctuary, and The Messenger. After a week of leaving the pools up, it seems the community wants me to end Hollow Knight with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night coming in a close second. Folks cited that Hollow Knight was created by Team Cherry and released February 24th 2017. Just so happens that we are fast approaching this game’s 4th year anniversary!  

Hollow Knight is a visual feast, and people are drawn to it’s Burton influenced world. A gothic game indeed, Hollow Knight places player’s in control of the mute protagonist, “The Knight.” He has to travel through a plague ridden kingdom, fight bosses and unlock new abilities to traverse through the dark and foreboding game world. The fact that the sequel looks so breathtaking is definitely adding to the appeal of this game. 
I won’t go into immediate specifics to avoid spoilers. But Starting this Saturday, February 27th at 2pm I’ll be streaming my 1 hour playthrough sessions of Hollow Knight. I encourage you to come through, like, subscribe, and chat with me live on air. I’ll be talking about our “10 Minute Something” topics, past In the Lenses episodes, and whatever else the community would like to discuss. We appreciate all the love that the Nerd’s List has been getting lately and we wanna show our appreciation by being available to all of y’all. Hope to see you guys soon and as always, Thanks for stopping by The Nerd’s List.

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