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Gambit vs Spike: ACKS Grinders

        We don’t normally do speculative stuff on this site but I want to start. I see so many different versus series going down and whether I agree or disagree with the final results tend to vary. I too find myself creating fantasy bouts of my own. I’m trying to be as critical and fair as possible with my discussions and keep the combatants evenly matched. I will be pitting popular comic book characters against the closest to their anime counterpart as I can get. These are hand to hand fights. No powers, just strictly martial skill. Two fighters enter the match, only one leaves. This is where Anime characters collide with comic characters for a bare knuckle kumite. The Anime Comic Kumite Series, these fighters have an ACKS(Axe) to Grind!
    Without further delay, the first fighter I present to you is a well known character indeed. He was born in New Orleans to a family of thieves who would raise him in the art of sleight of hand. A mutant with the ability to charge up everyday objects with bio-kinetic energy that when thrown creates a devastating explosion on impact. For this battle however, He will not have access to this ability. Some call him “Le Diable Blanc”(The White Devil), others call him the “Rajun Cajun”, I present to you, one of the X-Men, Remy Lebeau AKA Gambit!!!
        Gambit is debatably one of the top 5 coolest X-Men. He’s 6’1 and a practitioner of Savate which is a french style of kickboxing that translates into “the old shoe or boot”. Most practitioners of this martial art wore heavy fitting boots made to kick a mofo in the temple. Couple that with Gambit’s amazing agility and you have one of the toughest of the top 50 combatants in all of Marvel Comics. 
And in the other corner. A man with a checkered past involving a criminal organization known as the “Red Dragon Syndicate”.Faking his death to leave the deadly organization, this man would soon realize that nobody ever really “gets out”. In his escape attempt, he ended up losing the love of his life at the hands of his best friend. Now as a bounty hunter on the ship “Bebop” this combatant’s hand game has been put to the test time and time again. He hasn’t won all of his fights, but the ones he has won, were by a decidedly large margin. I present to you, all the way from the Milky Way…. SPIKE SPIEGEL!!!
        Spike is a fan of Bruce Lee, thus becoming a practitioner of Lee’s famous Jeet Kune Do(Way of the Intercepting Fist). The style is dependent on forgoing traditional martial art forms for practical and effective strikes. Lee’s philosophies would go on to permeate most of Spike’s personal philosophies as well. Well maybe not superhuman by any means, it’s believed by many Spike’s hands are more than enough to contend with the best scrappers in DC and Marvel.

Will Gambit be able to give Spike the same treatment he gave his brother Julian? (RIP) Or Will Spike show Remy the same level of ferocity he showed Vicious after he killed Julia for the second time?(RIP) Let me know in the comments below and as always… Thanks for stopping by The Nerd’s List.


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