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ACKS Grinders presents: Kenshiro vs Shang Chi


 The polls last week for the first bout our first Anime Comic Kumite Series are in. In the case of Gambit vs Spike, the audience chose… GAMBIT! The argument was made that though Spike’s combat was smooth and fluid, it would ultimately be Gambit’s adaptability that would win it out for him in the end. Folks did argue certain feats like Spike being able to contend with a guy who was hopped up on speed and strength enhancing drugs should be able to give him an advantage against the Mutant. Going into that territory, between fighting monsters like, Sabertooth, Wolverine, and Captain America definitely puts the pressure back on Spike.
    Moving into our second bout is a tough one indeed. Two powerhouses based on the legend of Bruce Lee. Our first combatant is pretty popular with a movie coming out soon. He is in multiple Marvel Comics top ten hand to hand martial artists, often ending up in the top 5. Submitted for the approval of the ACKS Grinders I present Shang Chi!

Shang Chi was created in 1972 after Marvel tried and failed at getting the comic licence to publish a comic on the tv show Kung Fu. Marvel wanted to capitalize on the Kung Fu mania that was taking place at the end of the 60s and early 70s. 

Shang Chi is modeled after Bruce Lee and has fought alongside(sometimes with) some of Marvel’s most famous fighters. The list includes Iron Fist, White Tiger, Elecktra, Daredevil, and the Daughters of the Dragon. He is proficient in all forms of martial arts but is certifiably “That dude” at Kung Fu. Lucky for his opponent this is a hand to hand competition with no weapons because Shang Chi with nunchucks is more broken than capcom arcade games in the 90s.

In the other corner, an anime legend who is also made in the shadow of Bruce Lee. Set in a dystopian wasteland reminiscent of Mad Max, this warrior has his hands full cleaning up the bastards responsible for kidnapping his girlfriend. His fighting style is called “Hokuto Shinken” which translates into “The Big Dipper God Fist”. Submitted for the approval of the ACKS Grinders I present to you, Kenshiro!!!

        The Big Dipper God Fist is a technique that specializes in the exploiting of special energy points on the body called “meridian” points. Kenshiro has been seen to making opponents bleed profusely out of these meridian points after striking them. Ken is also known as “Nanatsu no Kizu no Otoku”(The man with seven scars) for the seven scars left on his chest in the shape of the big dipper.

        Ken wants vengeance for his girlfriend and fights in the wasteland protecting survivors of the apocalypse and getting into some static with local rival martial artists. Will he have what it takes to put down Shang Chi? Or will Shang Chi wipe the floor with Ken? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for stopping by the Nerd’s List.

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