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Mortal Kombat Reboot 2021

 Get ready MK fans and moviegoers alike, on April 16th we're going to see something that I believe would be very special for the hard-core MK fans as well as casual audiences. 

    After 25 years since the original movie hit theaters, we're finally getting a fresh reboot being more faithful the video game series we all love and enjoyed playing.

   Of course this wouldn't be a true Mortal Kombat movie without the fatalities. Yes the film will be R-rated which means we will to finally see some brutal and exciting ways to finish off your favorite or least favorite characters in this film.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming movie, who's your favorite characters you'd like to view on the big screen, are you excited to see this, will MK meet your expectations.....

Are you ready to Finish Him!!!!

- Mr. Battle

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