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For those who love Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal

We dive into persona 5 Strikers ahead of its February 23rd 2021 release date. After spending over 200 hours with the phantom thieves, building and strengthening personas, doing challenges, I’m battling the hardest bosses is in the game. We still, find ourselves wanting more. For weeks after I beat persona 5 I would look around online, searching for news on the next game. Then we got word that persona 5 royal was going to revamp the whole experience and boy did they deliver. Everything we could have asked for was in the game, from the replenishment of bullets after every fight, to new characters and new music. They also added a brand new semester and different personas to add to your collection. So how could they make Persona 5 any better, you ask? By making a sequel and turning it into a dynasty warriors RPG hybrid. Persona 5 will still retain most of its RPG elements. But with the combat set to a more action oriented system we are ready to get our hands on this like yesterday. Turn based combat is always a great thing if done right. The transition of a turn based game to and action rpg while keeping the best elements of the game may be satisfying, if done right. 

JRPG’s are starting to mature to another level and we love it. But as with most sequels, there will be things added and things taken away. The consensus from people who played the Japanese version is overwhelmingly bright. And while we haven’t researched spoilers nor would we reveal any of we did, we are really happy with Persona 5 Strikers finally coming to America. No pun intended. 

We will continue to update you once the game finally drops for an in-depth review. Until then you can continue to wait these excruciating 44 days alongside and speculate as to whether this game will deliver or will disappoint our high expectations. 

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