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Warner Bros/ HBO Max breaking news

Warner Brothers dropped a bomb on us this morning boy! They said they would be releasing their entire 2021 line up on HBOMax and select theaters simultaneously!!! This is a direct shot at the movie theater industry's exclusivity when it comes to releasing movies. This is an historic move that was brought about no doubt by the affects of Covid on the movie industry. 

It’s become dangerous to go outside, bottom line. The news of Warner Bros move comes at the same time we hear that the US infection rates have surpassed the spring. It’s no longer safe to spend $65.67 on a small popcorn and risk your neighbor coughing all over you. 

WB will have the movies available the first month of release before leaving the service. The movies will still remain in theaters after they leave HBOMax. This is the new model that WB will be following for all their theatrical releases moving forward. So viewers can expect the likes of “Dune”, “The Matrix 4” and Wonder Woman 84 to be released on the streaming network. 

Who’s excited? I’m excited. Are you? Do people think this is a good move or do they think theatrical releases should be an in theater exclusive experience? Let us know in the comments below! Once again, thanks for checking us out here on the nerds’ list!!!


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