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Walter Hamada talks DC Multiverse

        HBO Max and the DCEU may have an answer back to the MCU and Disney’s plans for new shows and movies. Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films had an interview with the New York Times and discussed the comic movie franchise’s next moves in the next few years. He spoke of releasing six films a year, starting in 2022. To do this, DC will be maintaining two universes for their characters. Each universe will have their own separate stories and arcs that will not crossover.

Movies like The Batman and Joker will fall under the separate “DC Multiverse” while the Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and The Justice League movies will all be in the DCEU. This information doesn’t say much about the CW films and the other shows from the DC streaming network. I’m assuming it is in it’s own universe. Essentially it sounds like the DC Multiverse will be one off movies and trilogies for DC. You can also expect things to shake up with that Flashpoint movie that’s supposed to be coming out some time.

        I guess my first question is: Will people prefer the standalone stories to the current Snyderverse DCEU continuity? It’s very possible, especially after underwhelming stories like in Wonder Woman 1984. Seeing a Batman dropping F bombs might be the step away from the DCEU’s greater narrative tones and make for a more mature take on Gotham’s famed caped crusader. 

        If the DC Multiverse is more interesting than the DCEU, will they build the universe around Patterson’s Batman and Phoenix’s Joker? It’s my current understanding that the Batman is independent from The Joker. It would be freaking cool if they did go in that direction though. No BS. They would have to age up Phoenix and have to concoct a scheme legitimate enough for Patterson's Batman to want to take him down. For that matter, I wonder how the rest of the jokers are going to play out? There are so many of them. I just want them to get their respect is all.


    Where do movies like Static Shock and Batgirl fit into these universes? All the blerds I know are eagerly waiting to see the young homie Virgil Hawkins suit up and get to electrocuting evil doers. But is he gonna be doing that to fit into a live action Young Justice narrative? Is that DCMV? DCEU? DCTVU? Bruh I got questions. Don’t worry, Hamada assured the New York Times, that we as an audience are sophisticated enough to get what they’re doing at DC, so long as we dig the movies. 

        What do yall think? Am I wrong about Wonder Woman 1984?  Are people right to be weary of DC’s plans? Will whatever they’re planning be enough to compete with the MCU? Let us know what you think and as always, thanks for stopping by the Nerd’s List.


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