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RIP Ducktales Reboot... (aboo-hoo)


        Reboots are divisive things. No matter how good one may be, some fans believe the originals should either be continued or left untouched. For me, as long as the integrity of the IP is carefully respected, and as long as it reflects the best parts of why people fell in love with the show in the first place then reboot away. So far there have been 5 syndicated show versions of the Ninja Turtles. 3 out of 5 were dope! (O.G. 87, 2k3, and 2k12 versions of the show are beloved)

    I personally thought this was the case with the 2017 Ducktales revival. I personally loved the show. I liked the art style. I liked the dialogue. I liked the characters. I loved the original Ducktales of course. Do I think the OG Ducktales is better than the 2k17 Ducktales? To me it isn’t better or worse. Just different. I hoped it would go for awhile, establish a Duckbergverse and bring all the extra characters and ones from the Ducktales comics and we’d see the adventures updated and told in a way that respects the audience a little more. Unfortunately, Disney announced that Season 3 in 2021 would be the final season of the Ducktales revival series.

If you don’t know(which is actually possible now) Ducktales was about the globe trotting treasure hunting adventures of Scrooge McDuck, his family, and friends. Scrooge, his pilot Launchpad McQuack, his nephews Huey, Duey, Luey, adopted niece Webby, and her grandmother and house nanny Mrs Beakly. (bunch of ducks and one dog, son.) The family would go on treasure hunting adventures while dealing with Scrooge’s enemies like the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell.(bunch of dogs and a duck, son.) The show primarily took place in the town of Duckberg but it often took Scrooge and company all over the globe to various duck punned locales.
The reboot went to see 20 percent of the SNL cast voice the characters. It’s divisiveness began with the beloved triplet sons of Della Duck.(comic character who showed up in the reboot.) Huey Duck was voiced by Danny Pudi, Ben Schwarts voiced Dewey Duck, and Bobby Moynihan provided the voice for Louie Duck. A lot of people thought this a bad move. It seemed weird the boys suffered a bad case of the man voices, no matter how funny the voice actors were. 

The beautiful Ms Katie Micucci was the voice of Webby and she was hilarious. In the reboot, Webby is a survival expert and adventurer in training that has limited social skills being sheltered as an only child… Mrs. Beakley has been raising and training her the best she can. Y’all can watch the show to figure out what happened to her parents.

 Scrooge was voiced by the uber talented David Tennant and people were on board with it. I don’t know if people have seen the tenth season of Dr. Who or Jessica Jones season 1 but David Tennant is an amazing actor to watch. He does great work bringing Scrooge to life and brings an emotional depth to the character that was missing in the first iteration of Ducktales. Scrooge’s laughs feel organic and his regrets feel relatable. Tennant is another talent worthy of celebration.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the entire cast, the reboot managed to be damn good. They took heavy inspiration from the comic. Including adding characters like Della Duck, Donald’s sister and the boys’ mother. Scrooge’s enemies made their return as well. Flintheart Glomgold is the second richest Duck in the world and sworn rival to Scrooge. The reboot has Flinty acting as a high level tormentor and annoyer of Scrooge and challenges him to ridiculous contests. If he can’t beat him, he tries to destroy him with plans that often lead to his own detriment.  


The Beagle boys were given a biker club vibe now. Though they still donning that fresh out of jail syndicate look with updated versions of the black masks, green caps, and red shrits with their prisoner numbers on them. Big Time and Ma Beagle still run the shots but it’s like a kid’s spoof on the Sons of Anarchy. Whole lotta gang ish! Gangbangin on the streets of Duckberg son! They mostly serve as minor foils for Scrooge and the family but they also lend their services to other villains and in those cases they can be formidable foes. 

Magica De Spell was done exceptionally well to me. They played up her mysterious dark magic abilities and utilized existing content while dropping her Italian accent. The new Magica shows exactly how powerful she is and integrates her obsession with Scrooge’s number 1 lucky dime in a cool way. Her presence in the show is very well written and it culminates in the season 1 finale. WATCH THE SHOW!!!

The show pulled inspiration from the comic strip that debuted in 1938. The strip was illustrated by Al Taliaferro and was written by Bob Karp. It followed the high stakes model of treasure hunting that was prevalent in the original show, but fans of the 87 series will remember the action(while loads of it) always took a backseat to the show’s lesson of the day. A lesson that usually adhered to some theme of family togetherness. The late 80s early 90s saw a heavy push from the government for cartoons to have messages for kids to learn. In 1990 the Children’s Television Act implemented specific guidelines for children shows that were expected to follow that promoted positive lifestyles for kids 16 and under. 

The spirit of this is evident in the new series, as Scrooge and the nephews’ relationship develops throughout the seasons. Often each episode held a message conveyed through one of the boy’s mishaps or triumphs.  The difference with the new show is that they did not need to pull back from the actions and events for these messages to go through. It’s not like a live action thriller or anything but it’s still intense. Well written as well. Joe Caramanga, Joey Cavalieri, Alessandro Ferrari, Stephen Behling took the helm on the shows’ scripts. The two Joes however, (Caramanga and Cavalieri) wrote the majority of the episodes for the current two seasons.

It was a great attempt to resurrect a good show. I wish it took but I do hope they continue with adventures in the Duckverse. The show also introduced many cool characters that were staples in the old show as well as stars of their own shows on the Disney Afternoon. For instance, Darkwing Duck was introduced in a way that is both honoring of the old show and freaking hilarious.

There is also enough there for them to do a spin off series for the character, another reason why I’m disappointed in seeing the show end. Ducktales 2017 was great and it’s a shame they won’t continue with the new series. Shows could learn a thing or two about how to run a proper reboot from these guys. I’m looking dead at Thundercat’s Roar. 

Will you guys be sad to see the series end in 2021? Did you like it? Who was your favorite character? Is there another Disney Afternoon show you want to see rebooted or updated? I personally believe that the Rescuers and Rescue Rangers have enough there to run a kids version of Law and Order. “In the criminal justice system, the people represented by 3 separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate the crime, the district attorney who prosecute the crimes, and the Rescue Rangers who solve the crimes that go slippin through the cracks. These particular two gumshoes have been tasked with picking up the scent. These are their stories.” Take care y’all! 

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