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Oscar Isaac is Solid Snake: Metal Gear Movie on the Horizon


From a galaxy far far away, heading into “spider-verse”, or potentially being seen at “The Hudson River. 2 years ago.” (MGS2 references cause MGS2 is one of my favorites, fight me.) Actor Oscar Isaac has been said to be attached to play "Solid Snake" in a potential "Metal Gear" movie. Sony Pictures is putting it together with Jordan Vogt-Roberts tapped to direct. As mentioned above, folks will remember Isaac from "Star Wars" where he played “Poe Dameron”, is slated to appear in the sequel as "Miguel O'Hara" to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse ", as well as "Mark Spector" the upcoming Disney+ series "Marvel's Moon Knight", and look for him in the upcoming “Dune” Where he’s playing as "Duke Leto Atreides".

The script for Metal Gear was put together by Derek Connoly and is being produced by Avi Arad. For those who aren’t fans of the game series. Metal Gear Solid is published by the game company Konami and directed by the great Hideo Kojima. If you ask the fans, the cinematic storytelling always felt as if they could have been movies themselves. Metal Gear (directed by Kojima), the first game of the series debuted on the MSX2 home computer in Japan, July 13, 1987. The came was later ported to the Nintendo Famicom and came out December 22, 1987. Metal gear would eventually hit American shores in June 1988.

No details as of yet when the movie will begin filming or released but the confirmation has a lot of people excited. Even the actor himself, Oscar Isaac. Depending on how well Tom Holland does as "Nathan Drake" in "Uncharted" will determine how well this movie is received. For every one excited person there is most definitely a person who is equally petrified. People have good reason to be skeptical of video game movie adaptations. Why? "Mario Brothers'', "Double Dragon", "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation", and so many more are damn good reasons why. Not to forget that Konami and Kojima haven't been on the best of terms since their very public split in 2015. Nothing was said about his involvement other than he announced that there was interest in creating a Metal Gear movie at a game show in 2006.

Are you excited for Sony’s pick to play Solid Snake? If not him than who? What are you looking for from this movie? What are you worried about? Let us know in the comments. Thanks as always for stopping by the Nerds’ List.

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