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Jon Bernthal possible return and my MCU dreams


Hey y’all! Take it with a grain of salt because it was reported on Giant Freakin Robot, but Jon Bernthal is supposedly in talks with Marvel/Disney about reprising his role as the Punisher. A few days ago Thomas Jane had discussed wanting to direct Bernthal in the role of Frank Castle because he appreciated Bernthal’s performance as Marvel's most lethal anti hero. “And I love what Bernthal did on Netflix. I think he's such a great Punisher. In fact, I would love to direct a Punisher starring Bernthal, because he's such a great actor." This is what Jane said in an interview with Me too man. Jon Bernthal was (in my opinion) the best on screen depiction of the Punisher ever. Months after that show ended I still found myself playing online matches for Tekken 7, saying “One batch, two batch… Penny and dime… here I come… here I come.” into the mic before I administer a baptism of ass whippin onto my unsuspecting opponent. See below. 

We know that since Charlie Cox is confirmed to be returning as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, the likelihood of other Netflix stars returning to their roles have most certainly increased. I’d like to see Michael Coulter return as Luke Cage. He was great in the role and the way his series ended was evidence that he was going to have some sort of redemption arc and a reason to pull away from the Stoke's family criminal club which he now is the owner of. Or it could've been about how dark he could've gotten with the weight of having to be a criminal to control the element of crime in Harlem.

I know what y’all are going to say, and hear me out, I want to let Finn Jones have another shot at being Danny Rand. He got the personality of Danny down in my opinion. While it wasn’t the case in the first season, if he gets enough time to learn the fight sequences, he can look convincing enough to pass as the immortal Iron Fist. The fight scenes in season 2 looked so much better than they did in season 1. Jones also seems eager to prove to the fanbase that he belongs in the mix with the likes of his Defender brethren and in the Marvel universe. 

I would love to see Krysten Ritter come back as Jessica Jones but I'm not certain that will happen. Last July, Ritter expressed feeling as though 3 seasons of Jessica Jones and one miniseries with the Defenders was enough for her. Hopefully, that Disney money will be a better persuasion than the fans. Ritter’s performance as Jessica Jones was amazing, however her talent highlights that she doesn’t necessarily need Marvel/Disney to thrive.  

Let all the Netflix characters and all their co-stars return to the MCU in some capacity or another. Let them interact with the new characters on Disney+. Who wouldn’t want to see Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight running through the back alleys of Brooklyn with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil? Let the Defenders be a movie based on new shows that are taking place in the MCU about these characters. A movie dedicated to the Defenders dealing with an Avenger's level threat is a great way for the team to make contact with the Avengers.

Am I wrong about any of these actors? Who would you replace? Did you hear anything about Bernthal picking up the guns back up? Let us know! We’ll be waiting to see what does or doesn’t come from these rumors. Keep following for the latest on news and nerd culture here, at the Nerd’s List


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