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Chrono Odyssey: New MMORPG Announcement



Here's what we know:

    An MMO with the working title of "Project S"  has been revealed its title as Chrono Odyssey. Player characters will be apart of a force called "Idraiginn." They are at war with 12 Gods. 

    No, this is not a Square-Enix revival of the Chrono Trigger series. That's what I thought at first. As I watched the trailer I kept looking for either the SE logo or something that seemed akin to the Chrono Trigger or Chrono Chross. Nothing seemed to reflect it. Usually games like this would immediately start pushing forward with fan service that calls back to the previous titles. Especially SE. 

I saw some impressive fighting sequences y’all. From what was in the trailer it looks like 3rd person stylized action fantasy. The game boasts in depth fighting mechanics, an immersive world with lush vibrant locales, randomized dungeons, and an intuitive job system. It went into production in 2019 and is expected to start testing in 2021. The company putting Chrono Odyssey together is NPIXEL. The CEO, Spike Bong-gun Bae is the mind behind “Seven Knights” and “DK Online”. The game is slated to come out on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

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