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The Last of Us 2 wins game of the year


     The Last of Us 2 won game of the year at The Golden Joysticks awards. It beat out Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima which many thought would be crowned the victor. It’s impressive to see how big Naughty Dog won at the awards to say the least. They proved just how bad we needed a sequel to a game that ended pretty completely.

    A lot of people were vocal about their disapproval of the game. It was more than just the paths that were laid before Elle. It was the diversity of the cast which was made up of people who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. Representation matters and the story that was told was still compelling and painted a very beautiful story about how the inevitability of change wears on people and relationships.  

I don’t agree with all the choices made in this game but I can’t sit here and deny how well Naughty Dog told this story. Ghost of Tsushima is my GOTY but I’m not mad at all that folks did find this game to be theirs. I believe the greatest thing about gaming is there are r enough stories to get involved in, enough heroes to relate to, and enough worlds to save for all of us. Even if TLOU2 isn’t the game for you, I hope you might find solace knowing it was for someone else.

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