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Thundercats Roar no Moar


    They cancelled Thundercats Roar yall, and nobody should be surprised. It wasn’t good. That’s my opinion I know and in my opinion; Cartoon Network has filled their quota of wacky reboots of action dramas. They don’t need no more. I don’t like Teen Titans GO but people do, and it’s successful. But let’s be honest, TTG had Warner Brothers and DC money to make sure it would be successful.

    Under normal circumstances I’d say Cartoon Network has the paper to make one of their shows successful as well. Yet this becomes difficult when the show takes shots at OG fans.

    Beyond that some people weren’t feeling the calart re-design and were vocal about it. Some who went as far to say that they were trying to make everything on CN into TTG and Steven Universe. The director; Victor Courtright said, they wanted to lean more into action and comedy and less of the serious tone. The balance was supposed to edge closer to cooler action over comedy. I don’t think we saw this.

     Anyway, the show has a Turkey Day special and a Christmas special and that’s that. Maybe they’ll start airing actual episodes or maybe they’ll release a dvd of the first season some day and there will be a bunch of vocal fans demanding they follow up with the reboot.

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