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Marvel's Avengers: What Happened?

 You would be hard pressed not to find a Marvel fan here at the Nerd’s List. All of us to some degree have a Marvel comics character or characters on deck to talk about, pit against another character, represent, something. We also tend to game here (Follow my streams on YouTube @MrMistahKing712) and from time to time the world of gaming and comics collide and we get games based on comic IPs. Disney owns Marvel now. Almost all with the exception of Spidey, The Hulk, and their respective villains. It’s safe to say that Disney money is the money that is supplying Marvel’s interactive entertainment divisions. 

A money juggernaut(bitch!) like Disney, coupled with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest creators Square-Enix should have been a matrimony like no other. I was out here expecting motherf$%^in Iron Man and Noctis riding chocobos lookin for Ultima weapons made out of Vibrainum or some sh!+! Ok not really, but I wasn’t too worried when I heard that SE was handling the new Avengers title marked down for a July 2020 release… Then September 2020. I didn’t have a problem back when it was under development and SE shared screens and vids from the game and people were pissed they didn’t look like the Avengers from the MCU. I don’t care how much money Disney got, they not paying Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johanson, and 2 of the most famous Chris’ in Hollywood to use their likenesses for a damn video game. Come on gamers!!! 

Anyway, I wasn’t jaded. I’m aware that SE has dropped the ball a couple of times. But they usually knock it out of the park. Spoiler alert: You are about to hear some complaints about a game I both love and am completely over in this article. That is to say, this article is about Marvel Avengers and where the game went and or is going wrong. I still like this game. I am dying to be persuaded to come back to the fight. But yo, it’s too repetitive man! Way too repetitive for us to be here after that delay. Way too many characters people should have seen at launched that were promised to be released at a later date. I would have waited till 2021 for more characters. The fact that Miles Morales dropped and Peter Parker isn’t available in Avengers is ass backwards. I’m writing this next part in caps for emphasis: THE FACT THAT WE LOST CHADWICK BOSEMAN ONLY TO SEE THAT THE BLACK PANTHER WASN’T AVAILABLE TO PLAY AT THE GAME'S LAUNCH IS AN UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT.


We could have used more Avengers of color. Where was Warmachine? Where was Monica Rambeau? Where was Beast? (He’s blue)  Where was that wack ass Falcon? This is the pattern of a group desperately forsaking good characters in a quest to make money. We knew that’s all this ever was but the lie was supposed to be more palatable than this. What’s more is the emptiness that makes the game feel so cramped. No SE, people are not impressed by your highly detailed yet frighteningly barren sky boxes filled with random loot and button puzzles. I like grind games but they need a lot more substance than that. Especially where superheroes are concerned.

What other issues are there you say? Well the tiny list of joint moves between the Avengers has been on my mind for a while. Why can’t the Hulk chuck Captain America or Black Widow into a group of henchmen WWE style? We see Iron Man can blast Steve’s shield and the energy can be redirected to other enemies which was a nice touch. Why the hell didn't they go all the way? They promised gamers they were going to create that authentic Avenger teamwork experience!

I don’t know what the schedule looked like for this game to come out. I’m unsure of the timeline to create assets and scenarios for the characters. I know that SE prides themselves on putting out quality content. Disney/Marvel are also as meticulous about what bears their products names. It seemed like neither company involved could be bothered to give this title the substance it demanded.There is a foundation for something amazing under all this unfinished product, let's hope it doesn’t crap out before we get to see it. As it stands, Marvel's Avengers took a 90 percent loss in players on the servers. If SE is going to get people excited to play again they are going to have to do some fast overhauls in the fan's favor or this ship is goin the way of Anthem. Is there anything I missed? Am I out of line? What do you like about the game? What improvements would you like to see? Let me know here.

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