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RUMORS that Konami will remake Metal Gear Solid


        Rumors have emerged(not confirmed, thanks Neil of the Playstation Fans group of Facebook) that Konami has tapped Bluepoint Games(Shadow of Collussus and the Uncharted series remasters) to produce a remake for Metal Gear Solid on PS5. Metal Gear Solid (a Hideo Kojima game) hit the Playstation 1 in 1998. It sold over 6 million copies in it's first year and developed the hype for an amazing franchise that spans over 5generations of gaming. The series initially started on the original NES and Famicom systems, would arguably go on to get a second life thanks to MGS on PS1.

            The popular 3rd person espionage game has developed a popularity that has spawned multiple sequels in the subsequent years since it's debut. There was an attempt at a remake back in 2004 on the Nintendo Game Cube with Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. The game was met with mixed reviews with praises for the graphical enhancment and dissapointment with the overhaul of the voice acting. 

        Little is known about the remake, let alone if it actually exists, and at this time and as with any information we get please know it's all subject to change at the devolper(s) discretion. However what the rumors have stated is that the game has been in development since 2017, we heard that this game was worked on by Bluepoint games along side of the Demon Souls Remake, and we've heard that Konami plans to release it sometime in autum 2021. Finally, we know at least for now it will be a PS5 exclusive. 

        Supposedly the remake was supposed to be a launch title but the dev team said that they would like more time to edit out any final bugs and glitches. There are also rumors running around that Silent Hill may get the same treatment although without any involvement from Kojima. That also has yet to be confirmed. One would imagine that they'll be a very concerned response from the fandom as the opinion that Konami has dropped the ball with their relationship with Kojima since their public uncoupling in 2015 when Metal Gear Solid 5. 

        As new information develops we'll be sure to drop it here at the nerd's list. Are you excited? Do you guys trust Bluepoint Games with this remake? What are things you don't want to see? What do you think Kojima's involvement is in it, if any? Special shout out again to Neil of the Facebook group "Playstation Fans" for helping this author correct a big mistake.

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