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GTA update 1.52: Hola Cayo Perico!


        Are my GTA online players in this m-fer? I said; ARE MY GTA ONLINE PLAYERS IN THIS MOTHERF@%#$!? Oh! Did you just hell yeah me homie?(stares blankly) Why? This here is a written article fam. I’m playing, what’s up y’all. Tech boy and I are pretty hyped to hear that Rockstar is dropping some over the top exclusive dlc for GTA online. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must not play GTA or you must have been avoiding the news blogs and forums. Update 1.52 will introduce an entirely new area for players to traverse. The island of “Cayo Perico.” That’s right, an entire island that players will have to find a way to infiltrate. The island is home to the world’s most notorious drug dealer in control of a giant drug syndicate and the FIB is looking to use the players to breach the island’s defenses and take them down… or reappropriate the finances to funnel back into the war on drugs. (HELLO SNOWFALL!)

This is the first DLC in GTA Online that takes place in a different area. The island is said to be a little larger than Grapeseed, Mount Chiliad, and Paleto Bay combined. Details are still fuzzy but rumor is that players will have full access to the island for free roaming.

        This is also first heist that can be completed solo. There will be access to new vehicles, songs, social hang out areas, new weapons, new DJs, 100 new radio stations, a fully functional armed submarine that doubles as a base, and more. 

 Rockstar is saying this heist is supposed to be the biggest, baddest, most action packed heist to date. Are you excited for the new content? Well stay tuned, myself Tech Boy and our official crew “The Collective” will be taking on the new heist live and streaming our gameplay to bring you the action. Make sure you’re following his page @LifeWithTechboy on YouTube:

And me, @MrMistahKing712 on YouTube:

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