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Darkest Dungeon: The hardest modern turnbased RPG


         Well, I decided to do it. I decided to play Darkest Dungeon even though I am just about done with turnbased. Why? Darkest Dungeon checks a few other boxes for me as well. 

        First the game uses horror and scarcity as a means to keep me activley engaged. You can't just grind your characters in this game. No, too much exposure to the roguelike randomly generated dungeons and in fights can ruin the mentality of your heroes. 

        You need to keep your heroes mental health in check(message) as much as your equipment and health. There is a gague above your characters' health meters that slowly builds up while in any dungeon they find themselves at. What can increase this fear meter more is the enemies you encounter and getting caught in the traps laid out within the dungeon.

        Another thing is combat of course. Yes as an old school gamer who sat through many menues and status screens amdist a myriad of perfectly aligned sprites that strike in place that knocked the numbers out of other sprites at the oposite side of the screen.


        Yeah, I was there brethren. This game somehow makes it all interesting again. I guess the fear factor of failing if you get it wrong is what keeps me coming back. I want to comprise the perfect group of warriors to beat this damn game. 

        As I stated above, you can't grind because your characters will get worn down. For all my D&D heads, it's like playing a campaign with injury and exhaustion rules. Come check me out or provide some help if you have ended this accursed game. 

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