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Bring me your Nerdy, your Geeky, your highly knowledgeable of weirdly specific subject matter...ry!

        CAN YOU GEEK SUCKAAAAAA!!!!! I SAY THE FUTURE IS OURS!!!! If you can “geek.” Look what we got here before us. We have the emergence of a new haven for nerd/geek culture. We got the gamers, right next to the tech heads! We got the tabletop dice rollers, right next to the math honor’s society. Nobody is roasting nobody… THAT IS A MIRACLE! And “miracles” are the way things ought to be. 

You’re viewing right now, the work of 4 men on this website. Yet we have visitors upwards of the hundreds! DAILY! Hundreds if not thousands of people who share similar interests to...well “you”! Nerd culture and Geek culture has never in history been more accepted than during these times. Do you write? Do you stream? Do you do something creatively to the point where people say to you “you’re a f***ing geek for this s*** aren’t you dude?” WE WANT YOU SUCKAAAAAAAAA!!!!

The Nerd’s List is a brand myself, TechBoy, and Retro Jarrett are trying to grow. We wanted a website that was for us and by us, accessible to any, and respected by many to bring you exclusive content, and hands on information about as much of this expansive culture as possible. We could use some help in that noble endeavor. So forgive me for paraphrasing and co-opting Cyrus’ speech from The Warriors to try an galvanize any would be content creators out there. Our hope is that while you’re out there fighting for views, subscriptions, and likes, that someone out there reading this may be interested in making their stand with us here at the Nerd’s List. 

If you have talent with writing or you are streaming gaming content, dungeons and dragons, unboxing funko pop figures or debuting new software and music, feel free to unleash here at TNL. Reach out to myself (MrMistahKing712) or TechBoy and tell us what you think you can bring to the table. All we have to do is work together, take on one medium of the internet at a time, SECURE OUR social media networks, SECURE our YouTube streams and views, SECURE OUR INTERNET! Because it’s our internet! ALL OURS! CAN YOU DIG IT!? CAN YOU DIG IT!? CAN YOU DIG IIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!

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