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6 Things Ubisoft Did to Improve The Watch Dogs Series with Watch Dogs: Legion.

What did they add to Watch Dogs: Legion

    Have you played Watch Dogs: Legion yet? Have you heard about the advancements and the upgrades that were added to the game? Since I recently finished the game I wanted to do a 6 things that were changed from Watch dogs 2 to Watch Dogs: Legion video. Let me start by saying these are not in any particular order.

Number 1 - SPIDER DRONE. In watch dogs 2 Marcus uses a personal Drone that rolls around on 2 wheels that was actually really useful for not only distracting enemies but getting to places you couldn’t and making some tasks safer.
Watch Dogs: Legion
In watch Dogs: Legion that’s the case but on steroids. Your use the spider bot which is provided at many locations making them a staple of the game. If you decide to equip your own you can upgrade it to not only run faster and double jump but it also can cloak itself. Not to mention it will stay cloaked if you aren’t using it which makes it safe to just leave in a location if you need to go across the building you are in. You will find yourself using the drone more than you think.
Why is watch dogs legion better?
Number 2 - Drones, Drones and More Drones. In watch dogs: Legion there are a hand full ( Well maybe 2 ) of different drone types you can use and that are used against you. From Chase Drones, to riot drones and even drones with rockets. You heard me right... Rockets. Though there are many dorones they all have the same functions. You can use these automated flying drones to take down or distract enemies, to help with puzzles or to find items that are otherwise unreachable.

Number 3 - Well, I don’t if this is number 3 or 2B or even a 1C but Here’s another drone Item. Carrier drones. There are multiple types of carrier drones and this one doesn’t seem to far off espically with companies like Amazon using drones to deliver packages already but in watch dogs we have drones that deliver people... It’s actually not as bad as I’m making it sound. You can use a drone to get from one location to another. This is useful when completing a mission, escaping Albion or floating around trying to collect Tech points. I wish I could float to work.

Number 4 - The recruit system. There are a few games that allow you to recruit people and add them to your team. Normally, You get a main character and add other characters that you may or may be be able to play with. In Watch Dogs: Legion it’s a bit different. When I say a bit, I actually mean a lot different. In Watch Dogs: Legion The recruits are the main characters. Meaning there isn’t 1 main character there are multiple and they can be switched at any point of the game, except when in the middle of the mission). So if you’ve played who is your favorite character?

Number 5 - “PermaDeath”. In many games there are characters that are slated to die whether they are protagonist, antagonist, playable or non playable characters. With Perma-Death enabled You can lose your characters. I mean all of them. Anyone you recruit can be removed from the game... Permanently. I actually played through the game 2 times and realized perma-death is not that bad but be ready to lose people if you are not careful.

Number 6 - Self Driving Cars - We all have seen the videos with the cars that drives themselves and all of the mistakes they have made. Well Ubisoft got it right in Watch Dogs: Legion. You no longer have to drive yourself from point A to point B. Need to get some water? Let the car take you to your location. Need to stretch your legs? Your car i on the way. Can’t get out of that conversation? They’re on it.
I hope you enjoyed this list and have learned something new about the Watch Dogs: Legion. The creators went all out to get us a game that stood out and went beyond the limits of it's predecessor Watch Dogs 2. If you do not plan on playing the game we have attached the first hour of the game so you can see many of these advancements for yourself.

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